Some Kind of Happening – Singles 1978-1989

Television Personalities

Some Kind of Happening – Singles 1978-1989

Fire Records

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  • 14th Floor [Disc One]
  • Oxford St., W.1 [Disc One]
  • Part Time Punks [Disc One]
  • Where's Bill Grundy Now? [Disc One]
  • Happy Families [Disc One]
  • Posing At The Roundhouse [Disc One]
  • The Prettiest Girl In The World [Di...
  • If That's What Love Is [Disc One]
  • Miracles Take Longer [Disc One]
  • Apples And Oranges [Disc One]
  • Smashing Time [Disc One]
  • King And Country [Disc One]
  • I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives [Dis...
  • Arthur The Gardener [Disc One]
  • Painting By Numbers [Disc One]
  • Lichtenstein Girl [Disc One]
  • Three Wishes [Disc One]
  • Geoffrey Ingram [Disc One]
  • And Don't The Kids Just Love It! [D...
  • Biff, Bang, Pow! [Disc One]
  • A Picture of Dorian Gray (Live) [Di...
  • A Sense Of Belonging [Disc Two]
  • Paradise Estate [Disc Two]
  • How I Learned To Love The Bomb [Dis...
  • Then God Snaps His Fingers [Disc Tw...
  • Now You're Just Being Ridiculous [D...
  • She's Only The Grocer's Daughter [D...
  • A Girl Called Charity [Disc Two]
  • Salvador Dali's Garden Party [Disc ...
  • The Room At The Top Of The Stairs [...
  • This Time There's No Happy Ending [...
  • Part One: Fulfilling The Contractua...
  • I Still Believe in Magic [Disc Two]
  • Respectable [Disc Two]
  • Privilege [Disc Two]
  • Me And My Desire [Disc Two]
  • My Imaginary Friend [Disc Two]
  • I Remember Bridget Riley [Disc Two]
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Some Kind Of Trip – Singles 1990-1994 Television Personalities - Some Kind Of Trip – Singles 1990-1994


La Fire Records celebra il Record Store Day 2019 con un omaggio alle canzoni di Dan Treacy, cantante e mente dello storico gruppo underground inglese new-wave pop-punk Television Personalities. Il primo dei due box si intitola Some Kind of Happening – Singles 1978-1989 e raccoglie tutti i singoli rimasterizzati del gruppo: da 14th Floor all’EP Salvador Dali’s Garden Party, come pure il rarissimo flexi disc Creation e il 45” Caff. In più anche la cover di Syd Barret Apples And Oranges, tratta dal tributo Beyond The Wildwood.

Su SA potete leggere le recensioni di My Dark Places (Domino, 2006), Are We Nearly There Yet? (Overground, 2007) e A Memory Is Better Than Nothing (Rocket Girl, 2010). Di seguito potete ascoltare il singolo Part Time Punks del 1978.

di Marco Braggion


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