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Rimandato più volte, Depressedelica è il quinto album di Mathew Lee Cothran aka Elvis Depressedly, prolifico cantautore americano che fonde indie pop e psichedelia lo-fi in formato bedroom.

L’album – che segue a cinque anni di distanza New Alhambra – è stato pubblicato improvvisamente, accompagnato da una intensa nota dello stesso Cothran su Facebook: «I have spent the last month in treatment for mental health and addiction to alcohol. i am doing a lot better thanks to the help of the treatment center and medication for my mental illnesses. in my 31 years this is the first time i have gotten professional help for these issues, and i am grateful to everyone who has reached out to me over the last month to share a kind word, encouragement, or to tell me their story of mental health or substance abuse. Along with my treatment, i have decided to delay all music from this project while I focus on both recovery and mending the harm caused to myself and to others by my addiction, mental illnesses and my misguided attempts to self-medicate my way through these problems. i believe that music is the intrinsic, powerful force for good in the universe. i believe that music is the highest power that can elevate and expand our consciousness into a place of perpetual healing and expansion of the loving energies that define who we are at our best. i have been deeply, incredibly lucky to have experienced even a fraction of the magic, and joyousness that music can create in this world».

di Riccardo Zagaglia

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