Mute, Pias

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  • The Grand Delusional
  • Cliché Suite
  • Staring At Zero
  • No Help Pamphlet
  • Face To Face With My Face
  • Emblems Of Another Story
  • No Tree No Branch
  • Cred Woes
  • Coins In My Caged Fist
  • Ripe Ripe Rot
  • Crying Fountain
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In uscita il 25 agosto 2017, TFCF è il nuovo album dei Liars, ora progetto nelle mani del solo Angus Andrew, che lo ha registrato di ritorno nella natia Australia (anche grazie all’aiuto del batterista Butchy Fuego). Missato da Gareth Jones e masterizzato da Christian Wright, il disco, che segue Mess del 2014, è stato anticipato da un teaser e da alcune affermazioni del musicista, che si propone, anche questa volta, di esplorare territori completamente sconosciuti. Di seguito, una sua nota estesa.

«Suddenly, the tides of the ocean became the most important thing to me, because I live right on the ocean now, and to get my boat out in the morning to get groceries on the mainland I’ve got to know when the tide is coming in, or I’ll get stuck. Very basic things like that suddenly became top priority in my life. And the effect was interesting. The last record, Mess, was made in LA, and had very tight corners and clean edges – it was sharp, programmed, organised. It sounds a lot like living in a city. But now, everything started to fall off-time». «A lot of the sounds I was working on were samples, they lived inside my computer, but I still wanted to have a connection with everything around me,” he says. “So everything I was recording was in context of the world outside the studio… Sometimes I’d have my headphones on, just listening to the bush, and a bird would fly up and scream into the microphone. The truth is, even in New York or LA, I was still pretty isolated. Here, there are no other people around, but I feel much more connected to the environment around me than in a big city».

Ad anticiparlo, i brani Cred Woes, The Grand Delusional e Coins In My Caged Fists. I Liars sono attesi in Italia – data precisa ancora da confermare – tra il 12 e il 14 agosto 2017 all’interno del festival sardo Here I Stay.

di Edoardo Bridda


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