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Pubblicato il 3 maggio 2017, Dancing Is The Best Revenge è il secondo brano/videoclip – dopo The One 2 – estratto dal settimo album dei !!! Chk Chk Chk. Intitolato Shake the Shudder il disco è stato registrato nello studio casalingo della band a Brookyln e prodotto dal collaboratore di lunga data Patrick Ford. Il videoclip è stato girato da Will Galperin e presenta i travestiti Kamryn Moore-Fierce, Nikki Moore, Makena Moore, Phoebe Monroe, DeLa Strawberry e il frontman Nic Offer ballare sulle note del brano.

«When we recorded Dancing Is The Best Revenge I pitched up my voice, becoming Nicole Fayu in the studio – much like Prince became Camille and Morrissey became Ann Coates. the groove felt like a strut or walk and i imagined it akin to drag or ballroom culture. After The One 2 video featured such strong dance performances, and was filmed in the historic LA venue Jalisco, we decided to give the song to some girls who could really walk the walk and perform the song as in the spirit of reinvention. We traded some outfits and makeup tips and they helped me become IRL Nicole Fayu. Dancing with them was a blast, and it was great to finally see the song walked. I have to admit, I’m not used to being out performed in a video. These ladies ignore a world that tells them who they should be – they take the stage, walking as whoever they want to be, and that’s their best revenge. Maybe you’ll never put on heels, maybe you’ll never walk onstage, maybe you’ll never be anyone else, but maybe this song/vid/story inspires you to try something you haven’t before» (Nic Offer)

di Edoardo Bridda

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