Baauer – Aa


Baauer – Aa


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  • Church
  • GoGo!
  • Body
  • Pinku
  • Sow
  • Day Ones [ft. Novelist & Leikeli 47...
  • Good & Bad
  • Way From Me [ft. Tirzah]
  • Temple [ft. M.I.A. & G Dragon]
  • Make it Bang [ft. TT the Artist]
  • Kung Fu [ft. Pusha T & Future]
  • Church Reprise [ft. Rustie]
  • A,a
Belgica Soulwax - Belgica
Gamble for a Rose King Charles - Gamble for a Rose


In uscita il 18 marzo 2016 via LuckyMe, Aa è l’album di debutto di Baauer (il producer di Harlem Shake). Il disco, prodotto da double a, vede i feat. di Future, Pusha T, M.I.A, Novelist, M.I.A, Leikeli47, Rustie e Tirzah, ed è stato anticipato da GoGo! da Day Ones (con feat. di Leikeli47), traccia quest’ultima che è stata presentata in anteprima al The Late Show with Stephen Colbert a fine gennaio (di seguito lo streaming). Seguono, Temples, brano pubblicato in streaming via Exposedaudio il 14 febbraio 2016, e Kung Fu con il feat. di Future e Pusha T.

Allegata alla press relase una dichiarazione del producer che riportiamo, in lingua orginale di seguito: «I started making music when I was 15. From the beginning was influenced by real sounds of the world. I spent my childhood bouncing around the globe – I lived between London, Philly, and Connecticut – my beats started off as a mix of the cultures I was surrounded by. I’m a mutt myself, and I leaned towards music with no one background, or no rules. I made “Harlem Shake” four years ago in my apartment in Brooklyn, and the rest we all know. That song gave me the opportunity to travel the world. The whole world. And in doing so learnt more about music than I could have ever imagined. But more so than anything I discovered, what makes a sound special to me is its imperfections, its peculiarities. I spent the last couple years trying to get all of those imperfections into one record, and I think finally it makes sense.»

di Edoardo Bridda


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