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I Lamb, duo di Manchester composto da Andy Barlow e Lou Rhodes, hanno condiviso il video di Moonshine, con il featuring di Cian Finn, traccia inserita nell’album The Secret Of Letting Go in uscita il prossimo 26 aprile 2019. Il video è diretto da Sadaf Javan e Richard Rock, e vede i tre in una pacifica e sperduta area fluviale.

Lou Rhodes ha commentato il video così: «We made the Moonshine video out in a secret location in Maharashtra, India. The song is about first sparks of love in a heart that had forgotten what that felt like and was very much inspired by being in that part of the world where the sickle moon lies on its back, instead of sitting up on its side as it does in the west. Somehow this aspect of the moon became a symbol of new beginnings and new love; the shimmering, tingling of endless potential. The moon really does shine differently out there!».

Su SA trovate la recensione del precedente lavoro Backspace Unwind, ad opera di Gianluca Lambiase.

di Fabrizio De Guidi

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